LGBT and the acronym issue

It all started with a simple Facebook post from a friend of mine…

“I’ll give you a topic…LGBT (les, gay, bi & transgender). I am puzzled. Ok the first 3(LGB) refer to sexuality, but Transgender is a gender identification issue. Not at all related to sexuality. I support the transgender community heart and soul. I do not see how they are lumped together with LGB. Sex and sexuality are 2 vastly different issues. Am I wrong? Discuss.”

Well it did not take long to the firestorm of words to begin. It became quite the debate with post after post arguing this simple letter. I was amazed that there was so much venom and harshness to the addition and or inclusion of the (T) in LGBT. I honestly had never even contemplated it as an issue but apparently for some it weighs heavy on their hearts. I always believed that the term LGBT is intended to emphasize a diversity of “sexuality and gender identity-based cultures”

Here are my thoughts… I think this distinction has been made in the context of political action groups in which LGB goals are the same as transgender and transsexuals… like Equality Rights, marriage legislation, human rights work and anti discriminatory work…that is not inclusive of one separatist segment but all within the “last frontier minority’s” – A group of people fighting against discrimination and for equality!

Some may argue that there are lots of minorities fighting for their rights. Should we not include Hispanics and African Americans into our acronym? I answer back…Hispanics and Blacks are not fighting for Equality…they are still fighting sad prejudice’s absolutely yes…But we are the last minority that does not have Equal rights under the laws of this country!!

And Transgendered men and women have even more of a fight as the legal classification of characteristic sex is state jurisdiction in the United States not Federal! The legal sex of a transsexual individual in the United States does not have one answer but 56 answers – one for each state, the District of Columbia, and the five inhabited territories. One must be truly blind to not understand or see the discrimination that transgendered people face in the modern world. And the need for it to come down to specific examples of laws in order for you to align with a group of people who have embraced in this fight for justice is saddening and disheartening. Yes there is a difference in regards to sexuality and gender but I say some seem to be confused about the entire meaning of LGBT (I say stop breaking it down into separate words) … Look at the whole picture… The term LGBT is intended to emphasize a diversity of “sexuality and gender identity-based cultures”

For others it has been a much more complicated issues and path. Sexuality and Gender identity are not as black and white for others as it may have been for some…There are been many young men and women who explore sexuality and it various issues before recognizing that they are of the wrong gender…women who explore lesbianism before they recognize they are really men…and vice versa with men exploring sexuality with men before understanding they were really women! That is a sexuality exploration that opens the doors to understanding their true gender! We align ourselves with this group because of this exploration of self…an ethnic minority does not wake up struggling with these issues…GLBT do.

We all need equality… Educate “Middle Americans” instead of fighting the acronym within our communities…the meaning as a whole has changed and we need to educate them all…LGBT is more than an acronym now it is and ideology and a call to human diversity!

Simple fact…when a transgendered person walks down the street …what is the hateful word that is screamed in their face by some asshole in a passing car…the word is Faggot! And in that we are united. LGBT Together Forever!


Fuck the Porn Post…It will hold

After a lengthy and interesting Facebook conversation I had to get a few words out! Come back in a few days after I written my new piece on the term “LGBT” vs “LGB” and why a separatist ideology is idiotic to reforming the world! How the term LGBT is intended to emphasize a diversity of “sexuality and gender identity-based cultures” and not just sexuality!

Now that the poll is closed…

Well the poll is now closed and I have started to write a lengthy piece on …wait for it…Porn Musings’. Who knew? I got several write in votes. Clever and original ideas like: Julie S, Religion, Devon Hunter sitting on my face until I am smothered if I don’t add his site, and the always classic feet and big black dicks. I love the that people really go that extra mile to help spirit my words into writings that will inspire! So check back soon and I will be discussing the state of porn today and the controversial words of some of it’s players! Hugs!

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Just Testing The Waters

I have found the need to have a voice again! It is all twitters fault….I need more than 140 characters…so stay close to this page…bookmark it…when the feeling arises and I am inspired by daily life, politics, music, etc …I will verbally regurgitate my thoughts and feelings for you! This will become my place to write, express thoughts, answer your questions or just tell you a tale! Welcome to an excursion of words…Thank you! Hugs